How a Divorce and Relationship coach can help you.

Why might you need coach?

  • “I don’t know if I should get a divorce or not; I’m at my wits end and unsure of where our relationship is going?” – explore all the options with your coach.
  • “I want my marriage to work but my partner has checked out, and won’t explore couples therapy with me” – explore one on one coaching yourself and lets see if we can put some strategies and tools in place to help YOU improve your relationship at home.
  • “I not sure I can financially support myself or my children on my own” – explore with your coach your goals and dreams for your future success, if you were to become a single parent. This can include career coaching within sessions with your coach.
  • “What kind of work or job should I consider as a newly single parent?”- Explore some career coaching with your coach for getting ready to re-enter the work force.
  • “I deserve a better life, we can’t communicate any more, I just don’t know what to do!” – Work on improving communication between you and your partner with some communication coaching you can put in place yourself. If just one of you learns improved communication skills it often shows up for the other. Be the better person and you will get the results you desire. Let your coach show you how!
  • “This whole divorce process is overwhelming and I’m not sure where to start first, or even who I should seek advice from!”– let your coach take away the overwhelm and get you focusing on what you need from your lawyer or mediator and help you gain clarity.
  • “My friends and family are a great support but they just don’t understand my needs right now and I am fearful of leaning on them too much!” – As a support coach I can be your sounding board to help you cope better with the emotions involved, allow you to maintain and deepen your friendships, avoiding pushing them away.
  • “I am worried about my children and how this will affect them” – I can give you the tools and help you script those hard conversations, so you can be the best parent you can be, in helping your children deal with what’s to come.
  • “What next? ….. How am I going to be a good parent and work and run a household on my own?” – build your resilience and self-confidence with your coach, so you can move forward with your family, career goals, new relationships. Be excited about rebuilding your life with a new and exciting future, and a happier YOU.
  • “My ex has a new partner!… how do I handle this and what do we tell the kids?” – your coach can walk you through this challenging process so you do what is right when it comes to your children.

Those who work with a divorce/relationship coach often experience:

  • Greater confidence and the ability to make better decisions for their own future and the future of their children and family as a whole
  • Become a better parent and develop better communication skills and improved relationships with their partner, their children, extended families, and experts you may need in the process. ie lawyers/mediators etc.
  • Are much better equipped for the challenge of single parenting and/or co-parenting.
  • Are able to focus on their future and moving more serenely into the next phase of their life, together or apart, but with increased hope and joyful anticipation of ‘What next?’ …Rather than fear of the future.  Working with a coach allows you to put plans in place to forward focus and think more positively about your future together or apart.
  • Putting in place budgets, parenting plans, separation agreements, with your coach or other experts to make your future less stressful and more cohesive.
  • Lessen your stress and overwhelm by helping you with exercises and techniques to keep your stress levels lowered as much as possible in this process and continuously looking at your overall mindset and wellbeing.
  • Become more positive about the future and where life can take you as a single person, in a new relationship or as a couple still co parenting a family no matter what.
  • My goal as your coach is to get you to explore ALL the options before making those big decisions and then help you structure your goals and plans carefully.


As a coach I do not advocate divorce, as such, but I can support you through the process of separation and divorce, or help rebuild your romantic relationship – how great is it to know that there is an expert like me available to help you through the rough spots in your separation or relationship and explore it from all angles. I will even explore with you how you can rekindle the marriage/partnership to try and make it work, if this is something you feel you want to focus on first, by showing you how to have those tough conversations and refill each others love tanks, or to just be able to communicate better whilst separating, especially if children are involved.

I can, where needed, refer you to my vast array of experts and help you prepare for those appointments/meetings. In doing so, I will be saving you money and time and emotional angst. All my expert referrals I have personally meet and interviewed and feel confident that their field of expertise will be precisely what you need for your individual situation.

I will help you to show up for the process of divorce or separation, by being the best you can possibly be during the entire process, from start to finish. I am not a lawyer nor qualified to give legal advice or direction. What I am, is qualified and trained to give practical guidance and support as you go through the separation process. In many instances I will work alongside your legal team, by referring to them in respect of anything that calls for professional consideration outside my field of expertise or experience, I am collaboratively trained to work alongside your lawyer and prepare you for mediation if needs be. I can add real value to the process that is dissolution of marriage.  Commitment to my clients and the outcome they are seeking, many of whom are in not dissimilar situations at the end of the day. That said while no two cases are the same, there is often commonality in relation to the frequent  interpersonal  and practical day to day  challenges that come up, which invariably call for a calm head and  a common sense approach – attributes that in my experience are unsurprisingly lost or suspended  temporarily when couples are in the midst of a painful separation. It’s my job as your divorce coach to keep you level headed and making the best decisions possible for you and your families future. I will show you how to let the small stuff go, how to improve communications with your ex-spouse and lawyers, and how to have the most amicable separation / divorce possible.

 Divorce coaching is a flexible, goal oriented process designed to support, motivate and guide you through it all based on your particular needs, interests and concerns. Divorce coaching can help you make the best possible decisions for your future and your child(ren’s) future too. As a divorce coach I help you deal with the emotional overwhelm and the high levels of stress experienced at this time of intense change. Focusing on solutions and goal setting will help you work towards a more optimistic future where your hopes and desires are realised.

We won’t dwell on the past. We will focus the attention on building your resiliency and prepare you for a brighter future that you can begin to look forward to. Regain your Independence and Self-esteem! Book a session to find out how!

“Whatever we expect to experience is what we actually experience. So let’s make it positive!”

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