Why employers should hire A Divorce and Separation Coach!

Failing relationships cost companies millions of dollars worldwide!

Divorce has a high price tag worldwide. Lost revenue in both productivity and stress can all impact on work life both emotionally and financially.  Separation and divorce will not only impact on employees but will also impact on employers.

What is the best thing you can do as an employer, to support your employees during this difficult phase and lessen the impact on your company? This is a real issue in today’s world and its costing business and communities millions of dollars.  Fifty percent of marriages worldwide end in divorce, so realistically your company is going to be affected by divorce in one way or another.

So what exactly you can do as an employer to support your staff going through a separation or divorce? Pre-empt that now and align yourself with a divorce coach. By sending your employees to a divorce coach the result will be a more productive employee.  Who is better equipped to deal with matters of personal overwhelm and can more often than not leave these matters at the door when they enter the work place each day, if they are given the tools to do so!

Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to live their divorce with them every day at work? Yes we want to support our friends and colleagues but every day!? It can become tiresome and exhausting for everyone whether you are involved or not.

What can a divorce coach do for your staff?

As a divorce and separation coach I can help your staff members recognise their better qualities and how they can utilise their good qualities when dealing with separation and divorce. I will teach them how to communicate better and get them thinking about what is important for their future and or their children. The more efficiently they deal with the logistics of their situation the sooner they will be a more productive employee again for you.

By seeking the guidance and support of a divorce and separation coach,    can assist employees to formulate plans and goals for the future. It can   help them to be better equipped for meetings with lawyers and mediators, both emotionally and organisationally. As their coach I will work through the varying aspects of their journey and walk their path with them, I will be their support person, their sounding board, and refer them to various experts where needed. I will recognise when they need the addition support outside of coaching and I will help them to be a better person during the overwhelm and stressful stages of their separation. Which in turn will help them to be a more productive employee, and a more positive person to have in your company!

Kimberlee Sweeney.
ph: 021 279 9407
web: degreesofseparation.co.nz

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