Thank you for purchasing Parenting Plan

Thank you for purchasing your parenting plan document. You will receive this via email within 24 hours.
If you have not received it within that time, please email your invoice to: and it will be sent asap.

Once you have your blank parenting plan document it is advised that both parents sit down together and agree on all aspects of the plan before filling it in, in duplicate. Then you can lodge it with your respective Lawyers/ Attorneys/ Barristers, if need be or just have it as a sign mutual agreement that you will both adhere to moving forward. Please remember as the children grow or circumstances change the agreement will most likely need to be revised and changes made.

If you have trouble agreeing on filling out this parenting plan together, it is recommended you book the services of a trained mediator to help you both come to mutual agreement.

Please remember this is not only for your own needs but for the betterment of your children and their well-being. Please think about what is best for the children during this time.

If you require assistance working on your “ideal draft parenting plan” before sitting down together as parents book here for your own private one on one coaching call and let me help you through these important decisions. As a certified divorce coach I want what is going to be the best outcome for the entire family unit, so you can learn to co-parent with ease as time goes by. And a parenting plan is a great first step.

All the best with your journey to cohesively co-parenting.

Kind Regards
Kimberlee Sweeney

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