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 Parenting Plan

Create a formal Parenting Plan for your child / children at a fraction of the cost of engaging a family lawyer. Having a parenting plan offers you peace of mind knowing that you have a structure in place that allows you and your child/children to make the most of your time together. By creating a personalised plan yourselves you can save upwards of $2,000+.

Unlimited changes!

Once you purchase your Parenting Plan, you can create the plan and have it checked as many times as you like. With this process comes changes to your personalised plan as your children grow and circumstance change. By implementing your own parenting plan, you have the ability to make as many changes as you need to get the Parenting Plan right for your co-parenting style with your ex-spouse. Remember these changes are not one sided, you must sit down together and put a plan in place that you are both happy with.  You can discuss any changes that need to be made throughout the process. Ideally, you both  should be in agreement with your parenting plan for it to work smoothly and efficiently

Super simple!

The Parenting Plan has clauses for all sorts of variables that may or may not pertain to your family. As you see a clause that suits your family and situation, select it, talk about it together and mutually agree on the terms before you fill it in. If you can’t find the appropriate clause, you can create your own using the available options as examples at the end of the document. If there are clauses that don’t pertain to your family or parenting style, simply delete the clause. The Parenting Plan will propagate into a Parenting Plan suitable for submission to your lawyer, mediator or Court (as appropriate).

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If you are lodging your parenting plan with the courts (this is not essential) then it is strongly recommended that you have a lawyer check your Parenting Plan prior to court submission or to your ex-spouse (if you have not included your ex-spouse in the negotiations of the plan – which is not advised if at all possible). If you submit the Parenting Plan to Court, and provided it is successful, it will be made into a Parenting Order. However this is not necessary if both parents agree on and create the plan together and adhere to it, you can have your own private agreement without involving the courts, if your co-parenting is amicable and you have the ability to create your personalised plan together and 100% agree on it all. Your Lawyer can oversee your final agreed duplicate plans. If you have trouble agreeing on the terms within your personalised parenting plan, I would advise you both sit down and work on it with a mediator. I can refer you to experts in this field, or contact your local FDR and they can refer you on.

Create Your Own Personalised Parenting Plan

Book Now and have your divorce coach help you draft your ideal plan before sitting down together or with your mediator or lawyer. As your divorce coach I can be your support person within meetings and  mediations. More Information can be found Here

Or purchase your own copy of the parenting plan, to work on in private with your child/children’s other parent,
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Remember you are doing this for your child/children, for your co-parenting relationship going forward, and for a happier future for your family unit. You may not be a whole unit any longer but you are still connected for many years via your child/children.

From my own experience, my co-parenting life vastly improved from the two year mark post- separation once we finally put a parenting plan in place. It got us on the same page with expectations around how it should look in both households, how we were to communicate moving forward, who was paying for what and so on….   All those things you can continually disagree on and cause conflict over. This will all lessen and hopefully stop completely once you have the structure of a good parenting plan in place. Don’t Delay any longer…… call me to assist you with your plan and create a happier life for you and your children.

You’re Divorce and Separation Coach Kimberlee Sweeney, is here to take the stress out of co-parenting as much a humanly possible. Call me for a one on one session, let’s do this together!

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Parenting Plan


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