Lawyers and Divorce Coaches working in sync: A mutually satisfying partnership

In my profession as a CDC Certified Divorce Coach, I have built a Portfolio of experts to refer clients
going through separation or divorce. I have spent a substantial amount of time meeting with
Barristers, family lawyers, mediators, financial experts, mortgage brokers, real estate agents,
counsellors and psychologists, and the like. I prefer to refer my clients to experts I have personally
met and try and match my clients to those experts whom I think they will relate well to.
Working in partnership with a team of legal experts has ultimately prepared my clients for the
process of the legalities of separation and divorce. In turn, my stable of legal experts also refer
their clients to me, when there has been a need for additional support outside of their law office.
Divorce coaching is expanding worldwide but is a relatively new type of coaching here in New
Zealand. There is a growing need for more support in this speciality area, especially with all the
changes going on within our, “bursting at the seams”, courts system.

Lawyers need credible Divorce Coaches who can broker a clear pathway for them, with clients going
through the crisis of a separation or divorce. A Divorce Coach can facilitate constructive
communication and assist clients to settle their disputes out of court in a more collaborative
fashion via their lawyers. A coach supports them in and out of meetings and mediations and
prepares them both emotionally and organisationally for such meetings.

A divorce coach can assist clients to work through the emotional effects of dealing with separation
and divorce, help them to think more clearly about how to move forward in the process, and focus
less on reliving the past. Ultimately getting them organised and putting plans in place,
systematically during each phase of separation and divorce. This is beneficial to a family lawyer, who
can then work out the practical and legal aspects of separation and divorce, and allow the Divorce
Coach to handle the background preparation and emotional toll of divorce. By referring your clients
to a coach, you will have a more organised, less emotional client, who is prepared to move forward
and make clear unwavering decisions.

When children are involved a Divorce Coach can assist parents with developing a ‘Parenting Plan’
that opens up the potential to, co-parent their children amicably and co-operatively, providing the
children with structure and security so they can transition into a new way of living between two
homes feeling supported.Some signs that a client could be well served by a Divorce Coach include:

1.  They are locked into one option and refuse to consider other possible solutions
2.  They refuse to examine any other perspective but their own.
3.  They are either overly optimistic or overly pessimistic about how things will turn out for
      them after the settlement
4.  They lose sight of what is best for the children
5.  They are so overwhelmed they are stuck in indecision
6.  They have no idea how to rebuild a life on their own.
7. They simply don’t know where to start and need guidance on how to make wise decisions
     for their future.

Coaching helps the client explore other options or shift their perspective to consider other possible solutions. It’s a flexible goal oriented process designed to support, motivate and guide people and to help them make the best possible decisions for their future.

If you would like to learn more about me and the services I offer as a Divorce Coach feel free to scroll through my website or contact me to set up a time for a meeting.

I look after clients all over New Zealand and even have had some clients in Australia. Coaching sessions can be via skype or telephone or in my offices in St Johns, Auckland.

Kimberlee Sweeney.
Degrees of Separation.




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