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Degrees of Separation Coaching Package Prices

Whether you are still in a relationship and wanting to make it work, or are thinking about exiting a relationship, the following packages have been designed to cater for a range of situations.  I will help you to navigate your current situation with dignity, practicality, compassion and common sense.

Each coaching session in any of the following packages are between 60 – 75 minutes, depending on your needs, where we focus on:

  • Per Session includes: one to one sessions between you and your coach, your coach preparing you for and attending mediation and meetings as your support person, if required, as well as any collaborative meetings with your legal team and other collaborative experts.
  • Time I spend communicating with your lawyer outside of our individual sessions, via ph. or email. NB. This time is accumulated and deducted from your 1:1 sessions.
  • Draft a parenting plan to suit your families needs.
  • Tools and exercises to reduce stress levels and let go of emotional attachments so you can move on with your life – including a Holistic approach for self-care and stress management, nutrition and well-being products to keep you fit and healthy during the process.

Coaching sessions are available in person at St Johns, Auckland, or virtually via zoom, Skype, face time, or phone. Generally, most sessions are 60 mins each.  Double sessions where needed, of 2+ hours can also be negotiated.

I coach clients all around New Zealand and Worldwide via Skype and face time, considering time zones with my availability.

Independence  –  Rediscovering who you are and where you are going in the process.

This is the ultimate package that will see you through your transitional period with support, guidance in a self-discovery process and reassessing what you want out of not only your separation but also future this life. Additional therapies for your health and well-being to help you de-stress from the stressors’ that come with divorce. This is a complete package that will not only see you through a high conflict separation but also give you tools and strategies for your new life and new relationships so you don’t make the same mistake twice.

  • Support in the Rebuilding and Resilience packages below, with additional bonuses listed below to support you.
  • Supporting you within or out of the relationship, to putting new models in place to give you the life you desire and deserve.
  • Support in and out of meetings with lawyers mediators, drafting parenting plans, career guidance, health and well-being, nutrition and supplement support and much more.
  • Support with how to have difficult conversations with your ex-spouse and children along the way.
  • Support with finances – splitting assets and a program to help you own your own money if you are together as a couple OR separating, with expert financial advisers.

This package includes:

  • 10    x 1:1 sessions

**Includes added extras:

  • Referrals you will require on your journey, i.e. Lawyers, Mediators, counselors, family therapists, financial experts etc.
  • $250 paid towards any of my  referrals partners for support outside of my coaching. * after consultation to meet your personal needs and well-being. -career coaching, recruitment specialists, fitness instructors, chi energy healers, acupuncturist, counselors, mediators, financial experts to help separate your assets both personal and business, as well as help you budget for your new life, and much much more.
  • Parenting plan if required.
  • My time communicating with your lawyers outside of our one on one session, or time spent in meetings with you and your legal team, charged accordingly on time spent.
  • Follow up emails with referrals after our sessions if required.
  • Email and phone support between our sessions and meetings when required to keep you on track and moving forward.
  • 1 hr. aromatherapy oil hot stone massage -– 15 mins Reiki . – optional to relieve tension and stress and calm the mind, body and soul.
  • Aromatherapy oil blends to suit your needs, for home use, to combat stress and insomnia that come with separation.
  • 1 hour Unisex Relaxation Treatment Facial – relaxation and self-care and includes mediation to put you in a state of calm and set you up to better handle the ebbs and peaks of current life.
  • Well-being consultation and $250 of mind health and nutritional support to help you with improved clarity of mind or body cleanse supplements and or 30 day detox support program for improved vitality, energy and healthy living. Meal replacements, energy drinks and more. Programmed designed with your personalised needs in mind.
  • $150 Skin and Body care products / Or 2 x 45 min  body massages.

Package $2,500

Rebuilding –  self-esteem, self-image, self –love and self-care.

This package will help give you the tools and guidance you need to work on yourself and the relationships around you.

When we lose faith in our self-worth, our self-esteem takes a battering. Learning to rebuild self-esteem, self-love and self-care will improve your relationships with current partners, future partners and your children.

This package will help you improve your current relationship and gain some tools and guidance on what you could be doing to improve all aspects of your relationship.  I can give you the support and guidance you need to improve your communication and gain insight on which direction you wish to take. I am here to help you navigate how to make it work or how to exit with dignity.

This package includes:

  • 5    x 1:1 coaching sessions

**Includes added extras of;

  • Referrals to experts you may require, i.e. Lawyers, Mediators, Counselors, Financial experts etc.
  • Parenting plan if required.
  • Relationship coaching to reconnect with current partner, or 1:1 coaching to help you navigate new relationships post separation.
  • My time communicating with your lawyers outside of our one on one session, or time spent in meetings with you and your legal team, charged accordingly on time spent.
  • Follow up emails or phone calls after or between our 1:1 sessions
  •  1/2 hr. aromatherapy back massage – 2 for individual coaching or one each per couple -, to relieve tension and stress– with 15 mins of Reiki  -optional.
  • Tools to help you let go of emotional attachments, anger and grief to move forward in your life.

Package $890

Resilience  – to survive is to thrive, doing it right from the get go!

This package is a taster of my coaching and designed to get you started on your journey or if you are part way through and require support getting to where you need to be. Whether it be rebuilding your relationship or ending it, I will help you navigate your way through the options and guide you towards your ideal outcome.

If you are going through a separation this package is a starting point to working with Family Lawyers or Mediators and guiding you in the right direction for your specific needs and wants.

This package will suit those who need to rebuild their resilience within their own life, or those of your children’s or your partners.  You can upgrade to any of the other packages at any time.

This package includes:

3   x 1:1 coaching sessions.
**Includes added extras of;

  • Referrals and my time communicating with your lawyers outside of our 1:1 sessions
  • Referrals to other expert you may require, i.e. Lawyers, Mediators, Counsellers, Financial experts etc.
  • Parenting plan if required.
  • Follow up emails between sessions when required

Package $480

By the hour @ $200 = meetings off site as your support person with lawyers, mediators, and other experts.

One off Coaching Session. $170

Share your story and I will share with you how I can support and help you navigate your personal journey moving forward, and work out which of my packages will suit your needs.  Learn how can I help navigate your current relationship and assist you to rebuild what is lost. Or learn how I can help you through your separation with dignity and as amicably as possible. If you are in the ‘should I stay or should I go phase’, explore your options here with your coach in a one off session.
If you are ready to be empowered, rebuild your Resilience Self-esteem and Independence book me today!

One off Coaching Session.

Discovery Session – Free of Charge, no obligation.

Join me for a complimentary 20-30 minute discovery session, via phone/skype or in person to see if Divorce Coaching is for you.  Are we a good fit? Will coaching be of benefit for your situation? How can I help you overcome the overwhelm of going through a separation or divorce. Find out more about me and how I work and how my coaching can help you.





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