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Kimberlee Sweeney
CDC – Divorce/ Separation & Relationship Coach


I grew up in Hawkes Bay, on the East Coast of Aotearoa/New Zealand, famed for its sunny climate, award winning vineyards and the Art Deco city of Napier. While it’s a great place for families and kids to grow up in, my parents separation when I was a teenager and the rift this caused me and my family caused considerable angst for myself, my sister and my brothers, in varying ways.  As with many children of separating and divorced parents my 4 siblings and I all hoped our parents would get back together and we could be a family again.  While our fantasy was never realised my childhood experience has provided an insightful perspective on the effects of divorce on children.

On leaving school I trained as a beauty therapist and have internationally recognised qualifications in Beauty and Body Therapies. I have worked as a beauty therapy professional in New Zealand and the United Kingdom for over 25 years and have owned my own beauty therapy business for over twenty years.

My former husband and I have one daughter who we co-share custody and co-parent together, very successfully.

When I went through my own separation and divorce I was determined to create a new home for my daughter where she would feel happy and secure.  I quickly realised it was paramount to build an amicable relationship with my ex-husband that would enhance open and co-operative communication and build a supportive platform for ongoing co-parenting.  It was during the period of separation that I became aware of the lack of support for people either considering or actually undergoing separation and divorce, and the aftermath of dealing with the life changes this process brings for both parent and children. Years on from my own separation and subsequent divorce, I realised then that all relationships sometimes require additional professional support to stay on track or get back on track, as it takes both parties to put the work in to create a long and happy marriage, if that’s what you are wanting for your family.

Indeed, it was my personal experience that was the precursor to my interest in training as a separation, divorce and relationship coach. As there are many different degrees and stages within a marriage and I am here with conviction to guide and support my clients in the varying degrees, whether choosing to stay together or to separate.

I trained as a CDC Certified Divorce Coach, through the CDC Certified Divorce Coach program based in Florida, USA. I have also trained with the Gottman Institute and have completed papers in Gottman relationship coaching.

I can work one on one either in-person if you live in Auckland or via skype if you prefer.  I have on-line clients throughout New Zealand and also internationally.

Remember even if you fail at marriage you can succeed at divorce. Contact me for a free discovery session, via skype, phone or face to face.

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